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Flooring In A Senior's Home: Key Tips To Remember

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For older adults who prefer to stay in their homes as they age, a lot of things about where they reside can be a risk. This is especially true for a senior who is at risk of falling. Some people may choose the flooring in their home purely for decorative reasons, but in an older adult's home, flooring should also be chosen according to how safe it is. Here is a look at a few tips to remember as you pick flooring for the home of a senior citizen. 

Opt for floors that don't get slippery easily. 

Some flooring choices are naturally going to give an individual more traction as they take a step. Something like low-pile carpet, for example, is not going to be slippery and will generally provide stable footing. On the other hand, something like a smooth-surface ceramic tile can be really slippery. This makes for a flooring option that is easy to clean, but the slightest bit of water could put your loved one at risk of a fall. 

Make sure door thresholds are level. 

Take a look at the thresholds in the house. If there is a hump, it is best if the threshold is mended so it is more even and doesn't have to be stepped over by the senior. Something as simple as a one or two-inch threshold can cause the senior to trip. Many older adults shuffle their feet instead of picking them up fully when they step purely because they don't want to fall. If they shuffle and their foot hits a threshold, this alone can make them fall. A flooring professional can help you eliminate tall thresholds to mitigate these worries. 

Keep floor surfaces consistent throughout the house. 

It is not uncommon for one home to have three or four different types of flooring. There may be linoleum in the kitchen, tile in the bathroom, and carpet down the hall, for example. Even if it takes a bit of extra time and money to make the flooring more consistent, and even if it changes how the house looks, it is a worthy investment to stick with one type of flooring throughout the home. Seniors are more prone to falling if the surface beneath their feet is not consistent throughout the house. 

Keep Your Aging Relative Safe With the Best Flooring Choices 

Even though it is such a small element of what makes a house a home, flooring can have a lot to do with the safety of a senior citizen who has chosen to age in place. Work with a professional flooring company representative to pick out the best types of flooring for the home of your aging relative. 

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