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Decorate Your New Master Bathroom In A Traditional Way

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Are you planning a total remodel job for your master bathroom? If so, have you decided to decorate it in a traditional way? From selecting porcelain tiles to choosing the decor for your bathroom, here are some ideas that might help you.

Go With Porcelain Tiles

Think of selecting porcelain tile for your flooring, the shower, and the countertops. Porcelain tile isn't just beautiful, it's also very easy to maintain. Just wipe it with an all-purpose cleaner that doesn't need rinsing, and you're all set. Porcelain tiles are also very durable. The fact that this type of tile is affordable just makes your choice an even better one. 

Think of going with two different colors of tiles. For instance, choose off-white tiles for the floors and for the shower. Then select a second color, say pale peach or pale blue for your countertops. While different, the two colors will complement each other. And, the fact that there are two colors of tiles rather than just one will just add interest to the bathroom. Two different colors of tiles will also make decorating the rest of the bathroom more fun. 

When you work with the agent who will be ordering your tiles, be very specific where you want the two colors of tiles to go. The agent will have the training to know the number of tiles to order for each place the tiles will be used.

Choose The Decor

Use the two colors that you chose for your bathroom tiles as you select the rest of the decor. For instance, if you are going to buy a shower curtain, go with a light peach, a light blue, or another pale color you might have chosen for the countertops. Buy off-white towels and then monogram them in the color you selected for the countertops. 

When you select things like tissue boxes and drinking glasses, go with colors that will complement the ones you chose for the tile. For instance, if you selected pale peach for the towels, then choose a stronger color of peach for the smaller decorative items. 

Because you have used only two basic colors for the bathroom, think of buying artwork that will add stronger colors to the room. For example, a beach scene that includes many different colors would be perfect. Another idea for added pizzaz in your bathroom is to choose prints of birds that have colorful feathers.