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Benefits Of Using Slate Look Porcelain Tiles In A Laundry And Kitchen

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One of the areas of your home that you may want to upgrade is your laundry and kitchen space. Most laundry and kitchens are smaller and have limited space for upgrade and improvements. One of the ways that you can make an upgrade is by upgrading the floor. An option is to go with a tile floor. Before calling your tile flooring contractors, here are few reasons and benefits to considering slate look porcelain as the ideal tile for your laundry and kitchen.

Reduced Moisture Damage

One of the key things to keep in mind when you pick the tiles for your laundry room is the moisture in the room. This can be from the steam from hot water being used to the heat from the dryer. If your laundry is located in your kitchen, then the moisture can increase from all of the tasks being performed in the kitchen. For example, if you are cooking, running the dryer, running a hot water cleaning load, and doing dishes you may have a lot of moisture and steam build up. This could damage most flooring options, but slate look porcelain is moisture resistant and offers that barrier that helps reduce moisture related damage.

High Traffic

Your laundry and kitchen areas are high traffic areas. You have people moving in and out for food, preparing food, doing laundry, working at the table, and moving through to other parts of the home. This high traffic means possible damage to your floors including chips and breaks in tile. This means you need to pick a tile that can hold up to high traffic and the possible damage that can occur. One of those options is to go with slate look porcelain tiles. This type of tile can help resist damage from impacts and stains caused by high traffic.

Easy Clean Up

One of the leading benefits homeowners look for in tile for their laundry and kitchen space is the ease of clean up. You want to have something that is stain resistant, easy to clean, and easy to maintain over time. Slate look porcelain tiles offer this option. You can clean them easily with mild detergent or floor cleaner and warm water. Most stains are easy to clean up as well. This makes the flooring ideal for your laundry and kitchen areas.

If you think that the benefits to using slate look porcelain in your laundry room sound ideal for your plans, contact a tile flooring contractor, such as at Floorco Flooring. They can help with tile colors, ordering, and installation. They can also help answer questions you have about the installation and maintenance processes for the tile.