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Five Of The Biggest Ceramic Tile Bathroom Trends

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If you are planning on updating the tile in your bathroom, it's definitely worth it to consider the latest trends. This is the best way to improve the value of your home, as well as create a more modern appeal in your home. Here are five of the biggest ceramic trends to consider:

  1. Large Format Tiles: The large format tiles are created to help the space look much larger than it actually is. You can also mix and match the pattern by choosing tiles that are large in both width and height and tiles that are only large in width but small in height. This creates a modern appeal since modern design is about mixing up uniformity. The biggest benefit of this trend is that you don't need as many grout lines. The grout lines are the most difficult areas to clean, so the fewer the better. 
  2. Mimic Concrete: Ceramic can be made to look like concrete, and the benefit of this in the bathroom is that it appears warm and modern. The warm appearance is ideal in the bathroom because it makes it appear more inviting, which is definitely ideal for guest bathrooms. With the plain look of ceramic tiles that mimic concrete, you can also use a busier wall design in the bathroom. 
  3. Distressed Appearance: The distressed appearance in ceramic tiles allow you to choose a more unique pattern and color. This is beneficial if you want the tile to stand out from the rest of the bathroom. This is especially ideal in older homes where you can combine new design with the old features of the home. 
  4. Mimic Brick: Just like ceramic can mimic concrete, it can also mimic brick. This allows you to get the classic brick look if that's something you are looking for. The only downside is that there are more grout lines, and it can make the space appear smaller than it really is, but that's not a problem if you already have a large sized bathroom. You can even combined this look with other designs. For example, you can place it right in the middle of other designs or randomly in the design in certain areas.
  5. Mimic Wood: Finally, you can choose to mimic wood with ceramic tiles. The benefit of this is an extremely modern look that is warm and classic. There is also less grout lines because you can make plank sizes as large as you want. 

Deciding between any of these five trends will guarantee you a beautiful bathroom design that is modern, warm, and classic. For more information, contact a local tile supplier like Gary Baydal Tile Industries Inc.