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Just Moved Into An Old Home? Install Carpeting In The Living Areas For A Better Fit

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When you buy a turnkey or brand-new home, you should expect to move your furnishings in and enjoy living there without making any changes. You may have purchased an old home because it fit your necessities in a budget, location, and feature preferences. After moving in, you can start working on some projects to improve the old home to mesh better with your family needs.

An excellent example is if the entire home is covered in tile or hardwood. If your family is used to carpeting, you may not like that everywhere you walk is a hard and somewhat cold surface. It is worthwhile to install carpeting at least in some of the areas that are most fitting.

Fit with Your Possessions

It is possible that hardwood or tile does not work that well with your furniture setup. You may not have furniture that is easy to put felt pads underneath to avoid damage to the hardwood. Also, since your previous home was mostly carpeted, you may have a vacuum that either specializes in cleaning carpet and does not clean tile or hardwood or do it effectively.

Adding carpet to your older home will help you make use of your vacuum and allow you to use all the furniture that you brought along for the move without additional planning.

Protect Your Family

Moving into a new home as a couple with no intention to have kids can make it easy to forego carpeting because you do not have to worry as much about slipping and falling. But, when your kids and parents live in the home, you do not want to put these family members at risk.

It is helpful to add carpeting in their bedrooms as well as the living room and hallways. This will soften the impact of falls in areas where they are most likely to spend time while in the home.

Minimize Damage

Having several cats and dogs in your family can lead to pet hair getting stuck in the carpeting, but it is just a matter of using the vacuum to remove the hair and make the floor clean. However, moving into a home with hardwood puts the material at risk of getting scratched by your pets.

It is possible to get away with keeping the carpet in your bedroom and the dining room because your pets may not spend much time in these spaces. But, your pets are likely to walk and play in the living room and hallways, so you will find that carpeting is ideal for these places.

Knowing why installing carpet is beneficial will make you feel more confident about making this change to the old home that you just bought and moved into. Contact local carpet stores for more information and assistance.