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Hardwood Maintenance Is Manageable

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There are many great flooring options to choose from. Hardwood has long been one of the most popular because it is so stylishand classy and adds significant value to any property. However, hardwood is also very easy to maintain. Some people think that hardwood is a high maintenance product, but it is actually very easy to keep up. This article explains necessary hardwood maintenance. It should help you decide whether it is a product that will work in your home.

Daily Cleaning Requirements

Daily hardwood cleaning is very basic. Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can all keep your floor clean. When it comes to polishing your floor, it really depends on what type of finish you have on the wood. Laminated hardwood is convenient because it never needs to be polished or stained. If you have raw hardwood, polishing it can restore some shine. However, polishing does not do anything to protect the wood from water damage.

Sealing Hardwood is Key

You will need to refinish your hardwood floor with a protective stain every four or five years. If you want to keep the same stain color that you currently have, the stain process is quite simple because you don't need to do any sanding. However, if you want to apply a different stain color, you need to completely sand off the existing finish. This is a major project that creates a big mess and takes some time. You should anticipate that refinishing your hardwood floor will take several days for each room. That being said, the work is not too complicated and it can be a DIY project if you have some basic handy skills and the right power tools. Some people like to refinish their hardwood just because they want to alter the finish on their floor to change the style of the room.

Fixing Holes

Perhaps the most important maintenance is to fix and repair large scratches, dents, or holes in the surface as soon as you notice it. Even a small hole in your floor can become a problem because the wood will no longer be sealed. These holes can let in moisture that will damage the wood and could lead to more demanding repairs if left alone for too long.

The key to good hardwood maintenance is to fix problems when they are small, rather than waiting. The longer you wait, the more expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient the repair will become. Good work! Your article has been accepted at 4 stars. In the future, please focus on taking a creative approach, proofreading, and strengthening your authority and expertise. For more information, talk to a company like East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp.