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How To Create A Family Room With A Cowboy Theme

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If you have always loved anything to do with cowboys, decorating your family room with a cowboy theme will be a lot of fun. From choosing the wall treatment to selecting floors, here are some ideas that might help you to design a unique room where your family can relax, watch movies, and play games.

Set The Mood - Think of ways that you can set a cowboy mood in your new room.

  • Go through magazines that focus on a western theme. This will help you to decide whether you're going to decorate the cowboy room with designs that include an old-fashioned feeling or whether you're going to go with contemporary southwest themes.
  • Another good idea is to go to book stores and resale stores where you might find magazines that have posters of famous cowboys like Steve McQueen, Roy Rogers, and Clint Eastwood. 
  • Get your ideas from old television shows like Bonanza and from movies like How The West Was Won. From watching those shows you might find little things that can be included in your cowboy-themed family room.
  • Think of involving your other family members in planning the room. For example, if one of your children loves board games, he or she might suggest buying a game table for the family room.

Carry Out Your Plan - After you have collected ideas for your family room, put them into place.

  • Hardwood floor installation would be perfect for your room. Think of getting rustic looking wood for an old-fashioned feeling. Dark wood would be wonderful for a more contemporary feeling. The great part of selecting hardwood flooring is that it is timeless. Also, it comes in many designs and in different price ranges. Maintaining it will be super easy.
  • Think about buying leather for your furniture. Go with browns for a traditional cowboy look. Like hardwood floors, leather is very durable and very easy to maintain.
  • Think of buying  cowboy-themed wallpaper.For example, selecting wallpaper with stars, boots, and lassos would be great. Another idea is to faux paint your walls to make them look like denim or leather.

To add to your cowboy theme in your family room, think about looking at resale shops, antique stores, and at yard sales for decorative pieces that will give your family room a unique cowboy look. For example, you might find an old pair of leather boots that you can use as containers for artificial sunflowers.