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Carpeting Myths That You Might Assume Are True

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Carpeting is a common type of flooring in new homes, but many older houses may lack this feature. When it comes to budget-friendly home improvement projects, installing carpet can be an excellent choice. However, homeowners that have an incorrect understanding of carpeting may find that they are poorly prepared to evaluate whether this type of flooring upgrade will be good for their properties.  

Myth: Carpeting Provides No Benefits

It is common for homeowners to think that carpeting will not provide them with anything other than cosmetic benefits. While carpeting can be one of the more attractive flooring options, there are some important ways that it can benefit your house. For example, carpeting has excellent noise suppression qualities, and this can greatly reduce the noise in your home. Also, carpeting can be much softer than other types of flooring, which can be good for those with young children as falling on carpet can be much softer than hardwood or stone.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Protect Carpet Against Staining

Fears of the carpet becoming discolored or stained are another reason for avoiding the installation of this type of flooring. While it is true that carpeting can suffer stains, the same can be said for almost any other type of flooring material. Additionally, you will be able to protect your carpeting against the development of stains. This can be done by spraying the carpet with fabric guard, and having the carpet professionally cleaned every year. This type of cleaning will remove the dirt and other substances that have been worked too deep into the fabric to be removed with basic carpet cleaning options. However, if you are unsure of how to apply these substances, you can use a professional carpeting cleaning service to apply this treatment to your new carpet.

Myth: Water Damage Will Always Require The Carpeting To Be Replaced

Eventually, your home may suffer some amount of water damage. When water damage occurs to the property, you might assume that the carpeting will have to be completely replaced. However, it is usually possible to salvage carpet that has been water damaged as long as the repairs are completed in a timely manner. Typically, the only instance where water damage will automatically require the carpet to be replaced will be when it contained sewage. This is necessary as it will be impossible to fully sanitize the fabric. Fortunately, this type of damage is rare as it will involve severe issues with the home's septic lines.

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